Hi, my name is Fiona. Here's a little bit about me, my background and journey to becoming a yoga teacher.


I was lucky to have forward-thinking parents, who used to do yoga, meditation and breathing exercises at home with us, this was a regular occurrence in our family growing up. 

During exam time my mother would do meditations, we didn’t realize how fortunate we truly were. Then I grew up, I left home got busy with college work and socializing and yoga got put aside for a while.


I had a career in a large corporation but felt it was very stressful , I worked long days and felt I wasn't being true to myself and what I valued. I started questioning the importance of work life balance.


I joined a yoga classes with a friend in Dublin, and I am grateful to her for suggesting it to me. I absolutely loved it and started doing what we used to do as children.

Yoga during this time definitely helped prevent injuries whilst marathon training.


My Studies:

I was questioning my working habits and then its like the universe sent an opportunity to me, where I was given a chance to study yoga with Farah Furtado (who studied under Krishnamacharya an Indian yoga guru also known as the father of modern yoga) and Reshar Datar from Bend it like Buddha and complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training program. I was so inspired I opened up a small studio in Clonmel and continued my studies completing my 500-hour course with Michelle Young from My Vinyasa Practice. I did aerial yoga with Kasia Ferenczuk in Lets Fly Yoga studio in Galway and a further 2 courses with Niamh Daly Yinstinct Yoga in Dublin specializing in Menopausal yoga and Neuroanatomy which I like to incorporate into my everyday classes.


I love learning and sharing knowledge with my clients and they in turn teach me new things every day.

I came to appreciate that yoga is an individual path for everyone who undertakes it no two people are the same, no two yoga practices are alike, and no two people have the same experience.


Yoga to me now is a way of life. I like to work with stillness, breath and focus with less concern for the athletic postures leaving our ego outside the door and truly letting go and listening to what our body truly want and need. I incorporate yoga into my life, my body and my mental state everyday.


Yoga is a wonderful tool for everyone, young, old, healthy or sick, male or female. Yoga doesn’t discriminate.

Whether you begin yoga with the aim of becoming spiritually enlightened or to relieve stress or just stretch your legs is not important, the point is to begin and to see where the journey takes you and I promise everyone's journey will be different.